The completely newly developed full triple horn Model 301 in F/Bb/high F fills an important need for professional horn players.

Many hornists have been searching for a full triple horn with the sound characteristics of the famous Alexander model 103. This was achieved only with a solution that was as brilliant as it was complex. The placement of a valve where the leadpipe meets the bell branch allowed a high F horn to be incorporated into the basic design of the Model 103.

In this way the desirable characteristics of the Model 103 were not altered. The original dimensions were kept and the F/Bb change valve remained in its former location. The high F horn received a separate bell branch and through this could be optimized further. The use of different bores was consciously avoided in order to retain evenness of sound and articulation. In the end, the musician receives a reliable double horn with the option of shifting to the high F horn for especially difficult passages, and the transition from double horn to triple horn is made an effortless one.

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