Precision Valves

Alexander-French Horns are fittet with conical rotary valves. The valve-casing and rotors are airtight and work precisely and reliable. Treated with care and competence, our valves will function perfectly over a very long period of time.

Easy maintainable and durable Unibal- or Minibal joint mechanisms transfer the pressure from the keys with high accuracy. If required, we offer string action as an alternative.

Proven Design

The bore inside the cylindrical parts of the tubing and inside the valves of all Alexander French Horns is exactly 12.1 mm. The standard dimensions of our instruments are well tried and tested. Exceptions from standards are model 101 with a wider bell and models 99 and 105 with a narrower bell. The standard bell diameter of Alexander French Horns is 310 mm.

Exact measurements are warranted by the calibration of each section of a horn in precise calibration forms.

Each Alexander French Horn can be fitted with a detachable bell if required. The advantage lies in the ease of transport, either in a rectangular case or in a small gig bag, inside which the instrument should be allowed into the cabin of most airliners. We use precision rings to warrant a firm connection between body and bell. Our rings won't open accidentally nor will they rattle during play. Discussions about the influence of detachable bells on sound-quality are ongoing. Many customers have made their decision in favour of the detachable bell and never looked back.

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